wild horses

When Gabriel was born we would take him to visit Ky's parents and his dad would take Gabriel in his arms (sometimes immediately) and take him out to be sniffed by the horses.
I thought it was kind of cute, if not the spiritual experience he assured me it was.

The first animal Gabe could identify? "Horse"

He would even pick up sticks at the park and ride them around calling them 'horsie'.
So when we got the call that there was a rodeo, we got in the car and drove up to see more horses.

Gabe slept much of the way to the Valley waking up only for Maccas (typical) but as soon as we got to the house his eyes popped open and recognising where he was he demanded to see the horses.

These photos aren't from the rodeo, they're from April this year of Gabe and Flame, hanging out through the electric tape fence. Ky's dad just sent them through.

at least he knows now not to touch the tape... he learnt the hard way...
I painted this for Gabe a week or so ago. It wasn't finished when I took the photo, and still isn't. Gabe carries it around sometimes and manages to spill things on it nearly every time he touches it (the paint has run...and it looks very messed up) but at least he is deriving some kind of enjoyment from it.

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