a true story

When I was younger my parents gave me a flower press for Christmas. I have since pressed a lot of flowers.

Recently (as in the past ten or so years) I haven't really pressed anything, so I find it highly coincidental that right when I finish off making some presses for the shop I also find something to press.

Every time I see a patch of clover I look for 4-leaf clovers. Every. Single. Time.

I have never found any.

Until this week on Wednesday when I looked down and saw this...

Right there, four leaves. Dude. I thought it was so amazing that I immediately took photos for instagram. (follow me: eleanormccomb) I kept looking as we wandered around and I FOUND TWO MORE.

Yeah, you just have to trust me when I say that they all have 4 leaves. Pardon my fluoro nails. Obviously there was something in the water on that hill side, but nothing is going to take that very lucky feeling away from me.  

I came back from my walk and pressed some clover, and finished off two of these things. Behold my amazing wood working skills (the nice guy at Bunnings cut the wood up, so really all I had to do was sand it down, drill some holes, and varnish the wood. Pure talent right there)

They will be ready in the shop as well... I just have to work out postage. (The postage question is becoming a running issue. I need scales!)

The press is complete with recycled corrugated cardboard and brown paper - (the cardboard helps give some flexibility when you press things, and the paper helps absorb some moisture)

I think that flower pressing is one of the lost arts, or at least it seems to be, and is a great way for children, and grown ups, to take a closer look at the world around them. As a 'biologist' (aka, someone with a BSc hahaha... ) I think that any way we can raise awareness for the environment and nature is good.

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