its pronounced gwash.

My mum is awesome.

She has inspired my good behaviour with promises of art supplies, and even now as an 'adult' (debatable status) she continues to use art supplies as currency.
I am sure that at some point she will grow tired of getting art instead of more far more versatile currencies (you know, like CASH) for the many things she does for me and my family, for birthdays, Christmas, and mother's day. But until then, I will be happy to continue making things for my mum who has consistently been my most enthusiastic fan.

The other day she bought me gouache (which I had no idea how to say till just now) and this is what I have done with it so far.

I love that I bothered to turn this into a print, because now I can stamp it on anything haha. This was my first real try at painting on wood and I think it went alright.


 And here are the nautical mice that you might have caught on my instagram earlier in the week.

I have decided that I love painting with gouache and don't know why I hadn't done it before, because I can paint with it like I draw with ink (my favourite medium to draw with) and it dries fast and is beautifully opaque so I can paint over things with the designs that I want and in general its just FUN.

Painting on wood is alright too, though I'm never excited about having to wait for varnish to dry, or having to clean up after using it. Boo to turps it totally stinks. 

So thanks mum :)

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