In some games there are a spells or attacks which you can cast on people which do damage over time. Initially its not enough to really smash a person, but over time it slowly chips away at their health or mana or whatever... and if you have enough of them combined with other attacks you can win. They call them 'dots'.

It's geeky of me to think in gaming terms, but pregnancy is a lot like a damage over time spell. Slowly your energy is drained, your body loses fitness and hurts a lot, immunity is practically non existent, your control over your tear ducts stops working (or is that just me) and in general your physical capabilities are diminished. Add to this a virus which seems to have mutated several times to survive these past four weeks or so, and the new muscle damage I have done in my chest from coughing too much and I am right out of this game. Ky, the baby, and the flu season have conspired against me and I am low on health and mental stamina at the moment.

So with all that in mind, here is a thought for Sunday.

Its the original sketch of the nautical mice from the wood panel. The words come from a Blues Clues song from an old DVD we used to watch when my brother was a baby. I always hear the song in my head when I see the words and for some reason thats way more awesome than it would otherwise be.

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