Kesh + Roo {Roo's morning}

Mother's Day, like every other holiday currently celebrated by society is in terrible danger of being turned into one giant marketing campaign, whether it has already is only a matter of perspective really. 

Thankfully my mother doesn't equate the amount of money I spend on her to the magnitude of my love for her. Otherwise this would be fairly disastrous as I give her art pretty much every year. In fact mothers day is one of the reasons I bother levelling up my craft skills. 

Two years ago, on my first mother's day as a mother, I invited some friends who had children to share some thoughts on motherhood. You can read what they wrote here

This year I have done something similar, only I drew people instead of getting photos of them. 

Today the boys managed to sleep for a collection of hours (AT THE SAME TIME) so I had time to get some drawings done. The scanner is at my sisters house, so photos taken with my phone will have to do. I have to make it very clear that these illustrations may deviate a little (or a lot) from what people really look like. In real life Kesh is far more beautiful than my scratchings make her out to be, and her son Roo is a very jovial and happy looking fellow. (For proof of both of these things check out her blog)

In fact  its not just Kesh's face that is beautiful, but her whole attitude is beautiful and joyful. Especially when it comes to being a mum. 

Roo wakes with the first signs of the sun. He calls out for me, I go to him. He is standing, reaching for me. I hold him in my arms and he sleepily snuggles in. I bring him with me to our big, warm bed, then breastfeed him in our sheets. I struggle to keep my eyes open. He grabs my nose and pushes my face. This keeps me awake. He finishes one side, sits up on my lap and baby-talks happily to me. Once the other side is done, he finds his Dadda next to me and wakes him too. Pulling hair, grabbing noses, hitting cheeks.
We are awake.
He has our attention.

Dadda and Roo snuggle and roll around on the bed while I watch and laugh. In awe that they are mine. He crawls between us making faces, raised eyebrows, crazy smiles. He’s animated. He machine gun laughs at us and then rests his head on my chest for a three second cuddle.
The day has started.

We drive to the beach to watch Dadda swim. Roo crawls after the seagulls. Dadda calls out to Roo mid-stroke, Roo laughs and squeals with excitement. He knows his Dad. Roo races for the water. He wants to swim but the water is fresh.
He doesn’t mind.
He loves the cold.

We come home. Breakfast. Vegemite all over his face. Toys on the floor. We pray, grateful for a new day. Back to bed for Roo.
This is our morning.
We are happy.


Kesh Coulson

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