A challenge

Challenging is one of those slightly euphemistic words that people use to politely describe things that suck. "Challenging" is what February has been for me.

This print is some of the only work that I have been able to produce this month and I kind of like it.
I could do with being a little more deliberate about the life that I am choosing to make for myself, planting the seeds that will grow into the trees that I want around me.

So I'm working on it.

One of the things that I am working on is cutting out plastic bags from the house. Plastic makes up an enormous amount of the rubbish that we have polluted our world with so I have started carrying tote bags around with me everywhere. I've printed them with pictures like this (because that's just me).

It is incredible how dependent we are on plastic bags. I still find myself bringing home bags from shops when I haven't remembered to mention it... but I'm getting there!

Do any of you use fabric shopping bags? fabric snack bags? alternatives to glad wrap?

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