Caley + Ike {Mother's Day}

I used to see Caley at church events and we had friends in common, but I never really knew her. She's a total babe though - yeah I was checking her out...

She's still pretty of course, and together with her husband has produced a gorgeous little boy who fills up my instagram feed with his dark eyes and smiles. 

You can follow Caley on her blog.

Before Motherhood, I only knew what it was like to have the love of a little dog.

This dog was the love of my life (and still is) however it is amazing how much the heart grows and allows room for another type of love. The love of a child. Not just any child, your own child. A child who has your humour, eye shape, little hands and even the same eye brow raised movement when he's looking at you, the same way you look at them.

You share the same kind of love for each other, for the other man in both of your lives, their dad, your husband and together you all complete a role on what makes a woman, a Mother.

The most important role in the world. I say this because I've had many roles. I've been the daughter, I've been the friend, I've been the Aunty with no kids, I've been the career maniac, the Wife but this role tops all roles combined, the role of a Mother. It has opened my eyes into a different world, not just in my own world but looking out from it. I see things from a different perspective, a different emotion, a different fear, a different ball of emotions all wrapped up because of one cute little bundle.
I understand my Mother so much more. I appreciate her so much more. I understand the hardships Single Mother's go through and the joy that their little ones would bring to their worldly experiences that have been tipped upside down. I understand the loss of ones that have not been able to experience Motherhood, an emotion I could never truly understand until I became a Mother and how heartbreaking it is to love something that does not yet exist. Motherhood completes me, it completes our family, immediate and extended. It's my little place in the world which is home for me. Home is where Mum is. Always has and always will be for me.

My own Mother was the most perfect example for me to learn from without even realising I was learning from her. Subliminal Mothering at it's finest. Thank you Mum.

Happy Mother's Day to all.



  1. I love love LOVE your pics, they are simply gorgeous : )

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