Happy mother's day!

I realised while I was painting Lisa and four of her five Kings that I had featured mothers of boys. Maybe this was some kind of subliminal bias as I have two children and they are both boys - but I did invite other mums who have daughters to be a part of this conversation about motherhood.

I have had a wonderful time learning more about the beautiful women who have shared their stories with me (with all of us) and if you missed any of them, check them out:


I love my mum. She has been firmly on my side throughout my life (despite the foolish choices that I may have made), and I have never doubted that she loved me.
I hope that my boys will always know that I love them too. Even when my hair is falling out (by the handful) and I am airing out a wet bed (again) or doing any of the less than glamorous jobs that come with being a mum... it will all help me to love and appreciate my own mum more.

Thank you for inspiring and uplifting me with your examples and encouragement (not judgement or comparison.)

Happy Mother's Day ladies :)

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