I have always had a love hate relationship with my handwriting. It has always seemed inconsistent and its quality appeared to be totally dependent on the kind of pen I was writing with.

When I was a teenager (an increasingly long time ago -.- ) I imagined myself as some kind of writer. Fantasy mostly.
I had a folder full of various kinds of paper that I wrote my stories on, and while they were completely hopeless (I have never had delusions that they were good) I enjoyed writing them, and on a tangential point, I enjoyed seeing pages and pages of handwriting. It was paper fulfilling its purpose.

I love letters, I love journals and scrapbooks... so I figure I should really get over my handwriting.

As an offset to certain fonts, handwriting (and not just handwriting inspired fonts) can look pretty cool. Here is a draft of a menu I made up for my talented television/radio/magazine food reviewer/chef slash lawyer Delaney. As a side note, I love Delaney's handwriting. 


I have a great friend called Zana.

She is an artist with considerable talents in the area of costume making and clothing design. She works in the industry - and if you have seen the movie Australia then you have seen some of her handiwork yourself. She is currently working on some Australian films and her other job? It's at a men's fashion company. So she knows lots of stuff.  

Like many talented, creative people she doesn't have a lot of belief in her abilities (which are substantial) I believe in her though, and I have made a website populated by her work - so that others can appreciate her talent and buy it, so they can wear it themselves.

So if you have daughters, nieces, friends or neighbours who are discerning and like awesome clothes, then send them on over to The Elm Tree.

When I have time, my work will also be there.
If you have any things that you would like to see from either of us, if you want to hire Zana to make you something specifically or you want certain fabrics to be used, then you can email us at hello@theelmtree.com.au

We look forward to hearing from you!

Time and priorities

I have said this before, but it amazes me how fast time goes by.
I wake up in the morning and then it's the afternoon followed quickly by evening where I shove the boys in their beds and curl up in the dark ... ready to do it all again the next day.

Business's which need running, emails to be responded to, art to be painted, clothing to be washed, toys to be picked up, children to be washed, study to be done... it all gets crammed into the suddenly insufficient hours of the day.
 It's not that I'm complaining mind you, I get more done than I used to simply because I'm trying to do much more than I used to.

It's that whole 'aim for the moon so that even if you fail to achieve it you will still be amongst the stars' thing.

Unfortunately all the rush meant that the awesomeness of my newest little family member was passing me by.
So the moral of the past month of my life is: Time spent doing 'nothing' is not necessarily time wasted.

You can't get to know someone unless you spend time with them. Even little squishy people who can't hold their heads up properly. 

So a month after his birth, I have two new businesses set up, two websites created, some design work done... and most importantly - I am completely in love with yet another McComb.

On day two of life. MacDaddy, MiniMac, MacJunior.

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