I have always had a love hate relationship with my handwriting. It has always seemed inconsistent and its quality appeared to be totally dependent on the kind of pen I was writing with.

When I was a teenager (an increasingly long time ago -.- ) I imagined myself as some kind of writer. Fantasy mostly.
I had a folder full of various kinds of paper that I wrote my stories on, and while they were completely hopeless (I have never had delusions that they were good) I enjoyed writing them, and on a tangential point, I enjoyed seeing pages and pages of handwriting. It was paper fulfilling its purpose.

I love letters, I love journals and scrapbooks... so I figure I should really get over my handwriting.

As an offset to certain fonts, handwriting (and not just handwriting inspired fonts) can look pretty cool. Here is a draft of a menu I made up for my talented television/radio/magazine food reviewer/chef slash lawyer Delaney. As a side note, I love Delaney's handwriting. 

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