I went to university and studied biology because I believed that it would offer the most practical career for me, and I like biology.

Instead I spent time in Asia, learnt to speak Chinese, came home, met this guy, and got married to him.
Then he's all like "What do you want to do?"
And the answer was ART, and he supported me for years while I struggled to learn business skills and apply them to my art... which I had taught myself. He worked jobs he didn't like, and dealt with employers who were less than kind. We had a son, we travelled overseas for a while and worked together as marketing consultants, and we had another son.

This year he is studying full time, learning new skills so that he can work in an industry that is creative and (hopefully) enjoyable and fulfilling. So my skills are being put to the test.

I like designing things and helping people realise visions they have, whether it is invitations for a wedding, buttons for blogs/websites, large paintings, small paintings... pretty much whatever.

Our little family lives in Sydney, Australia, but I am from New Zealand and I don't imagine any amount of time away from there will take that away.

My name is Eleanor.

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