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Earlier this week I sat down and wrote up a bunch of blog posts, on paper, because I'm old school like that and I was outside watching the boys run around (and get stung by bees... true story) and I haven't had the money to replace the laptop that died at the end of last year.
... that's not the point.

The point is that I had all these posts about things that I have been doing over the last few months, as I wanted to at least attempt to bring this blog up to date.

The only thing that I really want to talk to you about and show you is my cool new studio.

So everything else just has to wait.

When I wrote up the business plan for The Elm Tree one of the main drives, although it was never stated directly, was to create a work environment for me that would allow me to contribute financially to the household while also allowing me to be with the boys. The boys were the priority.

The move to a studio-based online version of the store was a straight forward decision. On my own I couldn't maintain opening hours, without becoming a somewhat negligent mother, housekeeper, and wife. As it is I am an utter failure at maintaining the tidiness of our house.

So we closed the shop and moved. Now we work from our very own studio/playroom.

Utilizing an old school building pegged for eventual redevelopment, Pop Up Parramatta has crammed the place full of creatives like artist Tam Cao + children's fashion label Museak (aka the very talented Kristal)
I am in good company.

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