Part of the process

Sometimes life is a chaotic mess of activity.

Sometimes it's just a chaotic mess.

At the moment it is busy, the Samurai is teething, the Angel is still two... (and has a new streak of stubbornness)  On the plus side, Ky is into the post part of his film. After two weeks of him leaving early in the morning and coming home late from shoots it has been awesome to have him home - even if he is tinkering with edits on his computer.

The film he made with his night class is finished - (you can see it here Warning - swearing and violence.) - after they workshopped it together in class Ky's script was chosen to make (his script had no swearing - that was added by the actors) and if you watch till the end you'll see baby and I at a funeral and the angel wandering around the cemetery.

Amidst all the activity of the household I have been working on some commissions and some new art for those awesome people who are subscribed.

Here is something that I have been working on.

I really like working on sketches in photoshop. I'm not really sure why that is - but it probably has something to do with the ease of deleting things. Lines are my friends on the computer, tones slightly less so, and colour is my photoshop enemy ... which is to say that my digital art skills are incredibly limited. So here the first part of what most of my art starts as - a sketchy scribbley mess. (This is Jack and the beanstalk in case you didn't guess)

Keep an eye out for him as he makes his way to paper, paint, and the printers.


  1. Great drawing - my only recommendation is get into a habit of saving the file before you start and regularly afterwards. ;)

    1. Good advice! SERIOUSLY. I have lost so many things over the years that you would think it would be habit by now. I still have to remind myself to save all the time.


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