My name is Eleanor

I know right, how many blogs does a girl need?!
I change all the time and never seem to gain the traction that I need to stick around... but we're looking forward not backward and I am starting up a new business (which is really just the old business)

You see, recently I have done some work for other people and with some brusque (but encouraging) words from my husband I have realised that it's the work I do at the request of others that makes money. While I love the work that I do on my own and the things that I attempt to sell on etsy, they just aren't the same as a commissioned piece that has been crafted and made specifically for the needs of someone else.

I mention all of this on the back of designing the wedding invitations for my brother in law Ben, who got married this weekend gone, and just yesterday finishing the design for my sister Reina who is getting married in September. (image only shows half the invite... cos we don't want you all just turning up :P)

It was really great to be able to use my skills (such as they are) to help them organise their weddings and also miss out on the stress of buying them gifts. Ky (the husband) pointed out that other people charge money for that kind of thing usually, and so I thought I'd give it a go.

I also love illustrating and painting and so on top of my own work which will still be available in the etsy store I will also be available for commissions of the more arty kind.

Here is some of the work I have been part of:

It's been quite a while since I pulled together the header for Delaney's blog, she is now a regularly featured cook on NZ morning telly and naturally this has everything to do with my ability to cut paper - and only partly to do with her elite cooking skills, and wonderful, vivacious, and hilarious personality. 

 Not too long ago, Jess refurbished her blog and I was glad to help her out with that little illustration in the top left. 
Be sure to check out her blog, and enjoy the inspiring photos and general kindness that she exudes.  

Carli and Winston had a very specific vision for this painting of a tree that grows outside their home, and a motto they found meaning in. I hope I did it justice! 
So if you have an event that you would like an invitation for, or a drawing, or painting to brighten up your home, drop me an email.

Eleanor McComb
eleanor.mccomb @

I realise that I could have done all of this on the old blog which I will still use for my art journals, but I've realised that there is nothing wrong with my name, so why not just use it.

So I am.

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