War V

The war of the valentine.

I have had the one valentine, the one I am married to. Pretty awesome really.
I view the day as a marvellous excuse to go on dates and leave the children with someone else, but apart from that, I will be right there with any other cynic pointing at all the insincere valentines marketing and commercial shenanigans.

I still made these though,because the alternatives were bitter quotes from my stressball mind or swear words...  painting swear words would have offended some people and also seemed very hypocritical seeing as I'm always telling the man off for watching sweary things. (the Angel repeats everything. He's a talented little parrot) Also love is pretty awesome, and while I dislike the commercialism of valentines day, I do love love and enjoy being in it.

Happy super early valentines day. May your day, like every day, be awesome. (So basically, have a good day hahaha)

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