I wear your granddad's clothes...

Down the road from where I live there are two second hand charity shops. Op shops, thrift stores, whatever you want to call them.

I buy things from there and cut them up and resew them and just do whatever.

I think that this song is awesome because of that.

It's cussy, so consider yourself warned.

Join in with your song of the week on A Heart Full of Frost.

As a side note, I would so so so LOVE to be at this place - check out the line up. 
Amazing. AMAZING.



  1. Hahaha I think that song is awesome but not as awesome as you are. I wish I saw that before I went to the op shop today :P

  2. I wish we had good op shops in D-town! Next time we come down you gotta take me with you. X e


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