Painting People

I have always had a tendency to only paint or draw things that I knew I was good at. Like I reached a point where I just felt that I was fine as I was and then never really bothered to struggle through the difficulty of painting new things.

I guess I always thought that I was wasting time if I wasn't producing something that I was proud of.
How wrong I was.

I am still working out what my style is after so long being inconsistent with my art, but I have been painting a lot, and have been sketching little portraits. I love how fast and easy gouache is to use.
And fun - it's definitely fun.

I'm not super proud of these, but I am super proud that I'm getting better.

Also - Ronin has a much bigger forehead than pictured - he was looking up so you can't see it all.
I have a bigger forehead than that too... even bigger than normal because my hair is falling out (thanks post pregnancy hormones) and I am transforming into a saiyan (Dragon Ball Z yo - google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. Ky calls me 'Vegeta' - which is only acceptable because I think the guy was cool, my tragic hairline is actually fairly depressing. )

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  1. I love your art! I actually had to look up what gouache is. When I did my art I really liked using ink and pencil together. To me thats what your pictures look like.


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