This is the first week that I have shouldered the title of 'bread winner' and I have to say that the bread has been kind of crummy. (Puns just happen - I'm sorry)

I suppose the biggest challenge is that I am attempting to be a full time mum, a full time housekeeper (which is laughable as anyone who has seen my house can attest to), a full time artist, a full time student, and a full time DVD converter.


I did actually restock my etsy store though, and last week got some prints back from Genius Printing (based in Melbourne) and they are wonderful!!

The colours are great, and the paper quality is lovely.
I can't get over how bright the colours came out on this canvas.

But the paper prints were fantastic as well, and the look like the originals with all the texture and little idiosyncrasies that my scribbly art has.


  1. Your so talented, I love your work!

  2. I love love love the colorful canvas one, and wish I could buy it but at last! My meager graduate student stipend prevents this from happening

  3. They look amazing! AND even if it's crummy (or crumby - boom tish) you should be so proud! It's hard to do one job, let alone 4/5!


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