Shame shame.

About a week ago I fell over.

I was walking with my family down the sloped driveway of our apartment complex wearing sandals that have exactly no grip on the soles of them. In an unrelated and fairly uninteresting tangent - I bought them while living overseas and my good sandals broke. I just haven't gotten around to buying good ones again.

Our driveway is made of flesh tearing concrete with tiny pebbles pressed into it... the kind that is uncomfortable to walk on. Do you know the kind I mean?

So my sandals were unsurprisingly crap and betrayed me, one foot slid out ahead of me down the hill and the other collapsed and I smashed my knee and the top of my ankle into the driveway which took some skin and Ellie-meat as a souvenir.

The husband let go of the pram to help me up, which went drifting down the hill along with the four month old Samurai. It was dramatic. (You had to be there I'm sure)

I hobbled back to the house and cleaned up and we went out again without any more issues, but the whole thing was actually fairly embarrassing.

Which got me thinking.
Some things are just WAY more embarrassing when you're an adult. (Most of them are bodily function type things.) Here are some of the things that are more embarrassing (for me) as an adult:

1. Falling over. I'm a touch over 6 foot tall and it's like felling a smallish tree when I fall over. Highly ungraceful.

2. Not knowing how to drive. Not driving as a child - legal and acceptable. Not driving as an adult? Lame. I don't, and the older I get the more awkward it is when people ask me about it. Working on it!

3. Getting words wrong. I remember for a long  time I thought that my Opa was fighting gorillas when he was in the army. Stories of him punching cows (he was a farmer and this only happened to the most ornery bovine) made this seem even more logical to me. Turns out they were guerrillas. Another time I was reading a book and asked my mum what brassieres were. Bra's she said, and what kind of book was I reading?? I read the sentence and they were actually braziers - which made a lot more sense. I now look up any words that I don't recognise in text, my spelling is still atrocious, but my vocabulary is much better.

4. Not knowing my times tables. Along with telling the time on analogue clocks, I just never really clicked with times tables as a kid. I have since mastered telling the time (phew) but I still sometimes have to sing the times tables songs to remember them. Thankfully phones have calculators.

5. Calling people the wrong name. Most people have called their teacher 'Mum' at some point - admit it. I called Ronin by his brother's name for a full month after he was born. I only have two children - there really isn't much chance that I'm actually confusing them, my brain is just turning into mush.

6. Sanitary Pad failures. Been dealing with the whole 'being a lady' since I was 12 - getting it wrong is still mortifying.

What things embarrass you as a 'grown up' ?


  1. Opps! Talk about being brought down to earth! That could qualify for Funniest home videos. I'm a bit too embarrassed to share my most embarrasing moments - Doh - there it is!

    1. Yeah seriously. We could have made an easy $500 if we'd been filming it! Next time...

  2. Ouch, that sounds sore! I'm glad I wasn't present because I have a terrible habit of laughing at people when the trip or fall, but I allow the same in return when I trip or fall. If I am not crying I will laugh along with my fail!! I agree with all your embarrassments as a grown bar the license issue. I got mine when I was 22, I had nieces and nephews almost surpass me on that! For me the embarrassment as a grownup would be peeing when I: Laugh, cough too hard or for too long, and when I skip or jump on the trampoline - which is why I don't do either. I also can pee myself if I vomit...aren't I the lucky one! Having 4 kids really has its disadvantages:)
    I am now following you as I entered your giveaway on Jessica's blog, I think its a great idea. I blog as well, if you are interested in do a guest post of giveaway just let me know:)

    1. Ahahaha, you totally would have been excused for laughing. I did. My husband tried not to, but he did too.
      I'm not looking forward to having my body damaged even further by more kids... though I did have a friend who had similar problems as you - to very (VERY) hilarious effect.
      Will definitely check out your blog :)


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