memories longer than the road

It isn't my way to lay out my life on my blog. This is predominantly a vehicle for me to share my art with people... however. Sometimes my soul feels all crumpled up. Sometimes music can really help.
This is one of the songs that smooths things over.

I actually like this cover better than the original (its a beatles song) and have loved it for years. Lately I have been mega stressed and so I escape in the evenings to go running with my sister, or to deliver flyers around the neighbourhood. It's hardly a 'running song' (Nut Bush is like the best song ever to run to) but it is just so ... peaceful.

Get amongst the music sharing, and link up with Jess at A Heart Full of Frost.

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  1. great song! and that movie - seriously tears my heart into pieces. I think blogs are only made better when the writer shares part of themselves... so thanks x and thanks for linking up! x


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