Baby mine

For the entirety of their lives I have used songs to calm down my babies (admittedly not a very long time - but still)

Yesterday while we were playing with playdoh (well the Angel was playing while I tried to keep the Samurai from eating it) my two year old started to sing to the baby a song that I used to sing to him every night (and still sing a few times a week, and whenever he cries)

He mumbled words and sang off tune (I probably do too) but in my grumpy and sick mood it made me surprisingly emotional.

I am exhausted from looking after a tiny restless baby who can't breathe properly through a stuffy nose, but it gives me hope to know that they are sometimes listening. Even if it's only when I communicate via song.

This week has been busy with commissions and sick babies at doctors offices and next week looks like it will be similarly busy.
When I get the chance I sit down and play with photoshop. I love doing my sketches in ps because I can just layer and layer and then delete it all... it's not the same as the sketchbooks that I keep, but it helps me to feel arty without making an epic mess.

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