Art cards // A GIVEAWAY

My mum has pretty good ideas. At the end of last year she helped me get 10 of my illustrations turned into cards - just in time for the Dreamers Market. 
They have since become my best selling products. 

I am working on some new things, which I will get into more when I have some work to show you! 

I am running a give away on facebook (/ and instagram (@eleanormccomb) and I would love to know which of these cards is your favourite. I have been really surprised by what images people identify most with, and it would help me out to know a little more about what people think of my work!

At the end of the month I will draw a name from all those who comment (on FB, IG or here on the blog) and they will win one of each of the TEN cards that I sell. Bonus entries for those who share the image (or this blog post) on social media. 

The cards are all pictured here - so take a look and leave a comment!


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