Yes. That's red riding hood again.

Maybe it is the workshop tables being set up in the middle of the shop, or the awesomely green wall, or maybe its just because I haven't done my own art for such a long time - whatever the reason - I have been making quite a bit of art recently.

Mostly lino prints... or rather. Rubber block prints.
I have blogged about how I work with this stuff before - it is so much easier to cut than lino or wood - and as I don't have a press, it is also easier for me to print.
Everyone who sees them tells me about how they 'did that in high school' and I am not sure why more people don't do it now.  After designing the print, there isn't a heap to think about and I kind of like the mindlessness of just cutting... I don't know what that says about me...

I thought I would share with you some process photos though.

 the initial drawing.

 the block (this is actually after printing the orange, and then cutting away the next layer.)
the first print... aligning the prints is reaaaally difficult when you are just kind of eyeballing it...
 I kind of got the hang of it eventually.
 it seemed kind of unbalanced (too orange) so I added some extra white with this sweet gouache pen I got from Daiso.

The final print (original on the left the drawn on one on the right.)

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