Mum, Oma, and Grandma

When I was pregnant with the angel Ky and I helped his parents pack up some of the rooms of their house in preparation for getting it ready to sell. For me - quite pregnant - that meant that I was packing up Sue's craft room - which was extensive and totally awesome. One day I will have a craft room like that. With shelves of fabric, (maybe paper and paint for me) and all sorts of goodies in drawers around the place.

There was a whole basket full of fabric off cuts in various sizes and patterns that I looted like a fabric pirate. (The rest went into the bin, so really I was rescuing it)

I am a total quilting noob, despite my mum being super awesome at making quilts and my mother in law having a quilting business - but I thought I would give it a go.

I cut the fabric wrong, I didn't even iron some of it, I sewed it however I felt like, and my general lack of precision left me with a quilt top that wouldn't sit flat ... and it was seriously frustrating.

My mum saved me. We used my patchwork compilation as a fabric which we cut up and mixed with some yellow she had to make squares which we could get to sit flat. She very recently finished it up for me - quilting it on her machine.

So... it all started as fabric remnants from Grandma, got messed up by Mum, and saved by Oma.

More than 2 years later, here it is. A very Swedish looking (in colour) kids quilt.

Lessons learned (or revised)
 1. Be precise. 
 2. My mum is awesome.


  1. Well done! Bet you feel great finishing such a beautiful, heart felt rug.

  2. That's awesome! I can't wait to show Aunty the fabric I bought in Amish Country :)


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