Hairy business

While I may have mentioned previously that I try not to use the ineffective coping mechanisms I used as crutches as a teenager (and 20- something) to deal with my mood swings and bipolarity, I do have to admit one thing.

It's not scientific in the slightest, but I would swear by the magical qualities of hair changes.
Not awkward puberty hair changes, I mean more like hair cuts, and colours and that kind of thing.

I'm not taking to my head with the clippers - which I have done in the past (it looked awesome just so you know)  - but I still feel new when I have new hair.

Some proof of how well I photograph.

Living in Taiwan 2008 (it got shorter)

 I mention all this because this is what my hair looks like now.

photo by Analiese

I did it myself, just a few days before this photo was taken. I'd dyed it not long after the Samurai was born, but over summer with all the swimming in pools and such it had faded. My ear is actually a bit coloured hahaha.

I don't really know what my deal is with hair colouring and changing, but it is the easiest thing to change, and I don't mind just getting rid of it all.
Am I the only one who feels the magical abilities of hairdressers or just haircuts/colours in general?

Now it looks like my head is on fire.

Katniss Everdeen eat your heart out. 


  1. I love having my hair chopped/changed/dyed/curled everything.

    I've done so much to it it that it would probably would hate me if it were a person.

    So, the magical feeling of having your hair changed is mutual.

    I'm thinking I'll dye the ends of my hair blue next...

    1. Hahaha my hair would hate me too, I think its liberating though, to be able to do what you want with your hair and not be too precious about it.

      I've never gone blue, but I like the photos you posted of your last hair cut so you will definitely have to post new ones with your new blue locks :)

    2. That was me (Eleanor) by the way... stupid multiple google accounts..

  2. Looks great honey, I would love to mix my hair colour up a bit again. Although it has been black for so long i am sure it would melt before i could get it clean enough for a bright colour.

    1. Mine nearly did haha! It still feels a bit like straw at the ends. Oh well


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